Friday, August 29, 2008

Fat Joe Calls Daddy Yankee a Sellout for Endorsing McCain

MTV reported yesterday that Fat Joe said via a phone interview from Denver, where he was attending the Democratic National Convention:

"I opened the newspaper and got sick to my stomach[...]. I felt like I wanted to vomit when I seen that. The reason why I called [Daddy Yankee] a sellout is because I feel he did that for a [publicity] look, rather than the issues that are affecting his people that look up to him. How could you want John McCain in office when George Bush and the Republicans already have half a million people losing their homes in foreclosure? We're fighting an unjust war. It's the Latinos and black kids up in the frontlines, fighting that war. ... We over here trying to take the troops out of Iraq and bring peace. This guy immediately wants war. If not with Iraq or Afghanistan, he'll start a new one with Iran. I feel real disgusted that Daddy Yankee would do that. Either he did that for a look, or he's just not educated on politics."

"Like I said, with me, my whole philosophy on blacks and Latinos is: We're all one[...] We're in the same ghettos, same inner cities, and we're suffering from the same problems. Every problem the blacks have, the Latinos have. There's two systems of health care: the one for the rich that's really good, then there's the one for the inner city, where they leave ladies in the emergency room unattended for 24 hours until they drop dead. ... People don't even check on her hours after she's dead. This is normal stuff. This is what's happening in the U.S."

"Why should my man Daddy Yankee be endorsing McCain? This is the only urban guy in the universe to endorse John McCain. You got people who look up to [Yankee] — young teenagers that look up to him and might make the wrong choice. John McCain is the wrong thing to do. I don't think the Republicans care much about minorities. I can't believe [Yankee] went and endorsed this guy."

I have to say: I don't think I ever heard Fat Joe make so much sense.

Oh, and on rumors that Daddy Yankee tried endorsing Obama first, but was turned down by the Obama campaign, check: El Nuevo Día, Fox News, and Blabbeando.

And one more thing about the ironies of these debates: Puerto Ricans residing in Puerto Rico may be U.S. citizens but they can't vote in presidential elections. For a classist but witty take on this by fake news outlet El Ñame (kinda like The Onion, but starchy), check the post: "Daddy Yankee Endosa a McCain; Cacos Ya Saben Por Quién NO Podrán Ir a Votar". Now in Inglich: "Daddy Yankee Endorses McCain; Thugs Now Know Who They WON'T Be Able to Vote For."


El Rata said...

Hi Raquel, and thanks for the link to El Ñame and our story about Daddy Yankee and McCain! Your description "kinda like The Onion (but starchy)" was more clever than anything we'd been able to come up with, so thanks! (Now, if we only knew how to say that in Spanish so that it sounded funny, hehe). :-)

All the best!

Elis Fierro said...

I can understand how Fat Joe could be upset over DY's "opposing choice" but it's DY's choice. Many latinos are of Catholic background and prefer conservative choices. If DY did do this out of malice, then good for him. All it mounts down to is choice. DY's fans don't have to vote for McCain just because their hero supports him (I speak, of course, of the smart ones). For decades people have voted for the opposite party as soon as the one in office screwed up. That's what's happening with the election of '08. People are too quick to judge, maybe McCain does have good ideas but instead are overlooked because he's a white Republican. As for Fat Joe's reference to the "War" in Iraq. No McCain has no intention of going to war with Iran. What he's really interested in is that communist Russia up in Georgia. Yeah, McCain was locked up by the 'Munists and may start looking for revenge. That is the true reason McCain shouldn't be in office. Why should McCain not be in Office? I ask people. Everyone I ask doesn't know the answer or says because Barack would move us foreward (that's when I go "just 'cause he's white? You racist").
Have you heard Obama's speech yet? Great, Truly magnificent. Possibly the best speech of my generation (but they're all too busy with their IPhones and Batman). Really makes me wish I could vote.

Elis Fierro said...

Hey Raquel,
Have you noticed that "Siguelo" by Wisin y Yandel has been up for months on Mun2's MTV ripoff PepsiMusica. At first I thought it was a coincidence but then I analysed(?) the video: It's a Marketing ploy. At several parts in the video it shows pepsi beverages. Not only that, the video constantly depicts beverages poured in to glasses or copas(I forgot the english word). This is my first experience at finding one of these and I'm just astonished.
So... just 'Reggaeton'? Come on Raquel, the book can't just be named that. Even if it is just 'Reggaeton' I'll still buy it. By the way is the publishing company planning on making preorders?

mmmm...that's delicious said...

"I have to say: I don't think I ever heard Fat Joe make so much sense."

Amen, sister.

The planets must have aligned for a sec...BO needs to run for President more often.

mike belgrove said...

I recently did a post on the whole Fat Joe/Daddy Yankee/John McCain thing and honestly as insane as it sounds, I think it's Daddy Yankee's right to endorse whoever he wants and I don't think anyone should be critical of it the way Fat Joe is. Some may say Daddy Yankee has a strong Latino fan base who he owes it to to not back someone like McCain but he Daddy Yankee's vote is his own and I think Fat Joe should keep his comments to himself and just make sure he and everyone he knows votes on election day.

Desmond Barns said...

awsome post and interview. Keep up the great blogging!

Anonymous said...

Listen Belgrove, I agree that DY can support anyone his uninformed self wants, but to go out and do it publicly is unnecessary. There are plenty of brain-dead folks who'd vote for the racist, sexist, lying pig McCain just because DY endorsed him. I'm tired of our own doing selfish crap that holds our people down. I don't know who u r Belgrove, but pick up a book on the history of PR or the history of Latinos in this country and you will see that the Repugs have never, ever done a d--- thing for us!!!

Anonymous said...

BTW - The Obama campaign reported that Daddy Yankee came to them first but that they were not interested.

alexis said...

well i think that evrybody has there own opinion and that if daddy yankee wanted to endorse maccain then no one should be tripping about it espesialy Fat Joe and if Fat Joe diden't like what daddy yankee was doing he sould of told him that not talk about it behaind