Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Daddy Yankee Endorses John McCain

Well this all gives me a new perspective on that silly slogan in Puerto Rico calling for the youth vote: "Vota o quédate callao" (Vote or Shut Up).

Now that Daddy Yankee has decided to endorse McCain, all that rings through my mind is the second half: Quédate callao.

Check "Election Time WTF" and "Daddy Yankee Go Home" for a bit of scathing commentary. I'm looking forward to reading more. Let me know if you have or find any.


raquelzrivera said...

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Elis Fierro said...

Yeah, now he's definately showing off. I always thought of DY as person who learned from his experiences, turns out I was wrong. As the video clearly shows in the beginning (when he hugs the girls): he's in it for the publicity. He didn't address the issues McCain is really dealing with, and knows nothing of the immigration issue, because for him, being a US Citizen, It's not an issue. It has more to do with me since I'm an immigrant. What's funny about the video is how at 2:00 McCain was like "Hell yeah! It's working!". This has reassured me of my Obamaness. I really hope DY shuts up (doubt he will), but I'll still listen to his music.

Anonymous said...

"And once again, this very special..." Daddy Yankee is just there to fulfill the stereotype of the insular, disenfranchised, and painfully inarticulate Puerto Rican thug. He's too naive and so lacking when it comes to a worldly mind state and a frame of reference, that he seemingly has no problem with his endorsement. Watching him interact with McCain's stiff, awkward movements and DY's awkward English was like cringe TV as DY subjects himself to the age old assertion that Hispanics...especially those in the Caribbean, are the most colonialized people, embroiled in nationalistic fanaticism, racial confusion, and self destructive lifestyles.