Saturday, April 07, 2007

My commentary for NPR's Latino USA radio show

Click here for my guest commentary on National Public Radio's Latino USA, on April 6, 2007. It's on music blogging.


Eric J said...

solid commentary. many thanks. it was through hearing that show that I found out about the Tego Calderon article in the NY Post. I came here to read it on your site. Do keep up the good work.

Tienes a mucha gente aqui fuera que agradezca tanto la adicion de una voz bien pensativa al espectro.

Un abrazo.

eric henderson
fine art photographer

wayne&wax said...

gwaan, raquel! vnice to have you in the blogosphere!!

raquelzrivera said...

thank you both! (And Wayne: I'm so thankful I've had good folks like you to light the way.)