Monday, March 08, 2010

Reggaeton & Its "Radical Feminist Queer Sex Positive Potential"

How did I miss this provocative post from 9/09 at the Post Pomo Nuyorican Homo blog?!

Marisol LeBrón offers a short and insightful take on La Performera's video "Tortillera". The back and forth comments at the end between Marisol and "n" are equally insightful.

Here's La Performera's video, but make sure you check Marisol's blog post on it.


Marisol LeBron said...

This is the video I showed at Princeton that traumatized all those undergrads at the Reggaeton roundtable.

raquelzrivera said...

I remember! How do you know they got traumatized? Why? Did you get feedback from them there? Or did you hear about it later?

Good job. Ha, ha.

Marisol LeBron said...

They totally looked shocked after I showed it. It's crazy because you can show a million reggaeton videos with scantily clad women grinding and no one bats an eyelash because its expected. But the crotch shot in Awilda's video truly scandalized people in the audience. Me and Alex were joking about it recently -- it was a classic in your face queer moment.

raquelzrivera said...

Oh yeah... the crotch shot! Hairy crotch shot, I must add, very important as an incentive for scandal. Thanks so much for bringing this video to our attention.