Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Reggaeton in Utah

Click here for a 5/5/08 article (where I'm quoted) about reggaeton in Salt Lake City, Utah, prompted by Ivy Queen's upcoming show this Friday at the E Center.

The article is neither extensive nor groundbreaking (actually, it's a bit confusing/misleading on the terminological/historical tip... then again, it is a tricky history to convey). But it's still fascinating and indicative of where the media and market are at with respect to reggaeton, starting with the title of the piece, which doesn't actually mention the name of the genre but instead reads "Hip-hop-influenced genre is on the rise and DJ hopes Utah takes notice."


Anonymous said...

Is Reggaeton dead yet?

Seriously though I was rejoicing in what I thought was it's loss of popularity here in New York. I'm more interested in what daring music Puerto Ricans can come up with if they put their mind to it like Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, not some knuckleheads from around the block.
I don't need a PH.D. to say what I'm about to but really though, Reggaeton is...really awful.

Anonymous said...

Just got stationed from MA to UT, and as a Boricua, I'm happy to hear all the music played by my people, be it Salsa, Merengue, Bomba, Plena, Bachata, and as for Reggaeton, Forget about it! It's the new creative rhythm that the new latino generation is in love with. It brings Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Cubans, etc...All our Latino people together. Shots out to the very talented producers for making magic - Nesty, Nelly, Tunes, Luny, Diesel, Hyde, Alex Gargola, Noriega, Mambo Kingz, Rafi Mercenario, Julian, Coffie, Doble A, Nales, George, Urba, Monserrate, etc.... So my anonymous pana, it won't be dying anytime soon. This from someone who also loves his Cortijo, Maelo, Hector, Ruben, Frankie, Eddie, El Gran Combo, La Solucion, Willie, Celia, Roberto Rohena, Joe Cuba, etc... Peace Hector El Bori